Emmerdale SPOILER: Moira moves onto her other nephew Ross!

Will Moira turn to the dark side as she grows closer to Ross?

Emmerdale fans weren’t impressed when Moira Dingle slept with her nephew Pete Barton, but it looks like she’s not bothered because she’s about to move onto his brother, Ross!

Moira’s been struggling ever since her daughter Holly died of an overdose last year.

Her marriage to Cain Dingle is in tatters and her farm is feeling the pinch with money tight.

And on top of all her troubles, she’s fuming when she discovers Ross is hiding a stolen car in one of her barns.

She calms down a bit when she hears his reasons for the theft, but will she let him keep the car there?

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Later, Moira has a business meeting with difficult client Patrick. Things inevitably don’t go well and Moira’s left worried she’s lost the deal.

Acting rashly and out of character, Moira spots Patrick’s car keys on the floor – and swipes them, before driving off in his car.

Panicking once she’s actually stolen the vehicle, she turns to Ross to get rid of it. He agrees, and it looks like it’s the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

But Moira’s guilty conscience gets the better of her when Patrick returns and gives her the contract as well as confiding his car was stolen after their last meeting – and there was an urn of ashes in the boot. Uh oh…

Moira doesn’t confess though, she just urges Ross to get rid of the car as quickly as he can.

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This is a bit of a change of direction for Moira’s character. Could she find herself teaming up with Ross to do criminal activities on a regular basis?

And with her dalliance with Pete barely a month ago and her split from Cain still fresh, could lonely Moira turn her attentions to Ross in another way?

Actress Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira, has revealed in an interview with the Metro that we shouldn’t write off Moira and Cain just yet…

“I know there is something due to happen later on in the year that will either tear us apart or keep us together but I don’t actually know what the outcome is.”

We’re totally team Coira so we hope to see them back together soon.

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