Emmerdale SPOILER: Moira and Charity go to war

It's never gonna be sweetness and light between these two

It looks like another face-off between Charity Dingle and Moira Barton is on the cards in Emmerdale next week, when Moira suspects Ross is stealing from her again.

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Fans were delighted last week when Moira gave Charity a cracking headbutt. They took to Twitter in droves when Moira hit back after Charity mocked her accent.

And maybe fans will see another instalment of Moira v. Charity when Moira fears the farm is under attack again.

Viewers know that Moira is clashing with the ‘other’ side of the Barton clan, namely Emma and Ross over Ross’ share in the farm.

Ross recently tried to steal Moira’s cows, but found himself outsmarted when she caught him and tried to blackmail him into signing over his share.

She threatened to call in the police which, with Ross’ record, would surely mean jail time.

Next week she worries Ross and Emma are up to their old tricks when the farm is attacked, but Ross denies it was him.

When she goes to check the cows, she hears a sudden thud and, without her phone, runs back to the house and calls the police.

But could she disturb Charity, Debbie and Rebecca who are secretly running a car business from the barn?

Charity has muscled her way into Debbie and Rebecca’s plan after overhearing them chatting and realising they are keeping it a secret from Lawrence.

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She blackmails the girls, threatening to expose them unless they give her an equal share.

But, knowing Charity, surely this can only end in total disaster?

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