Emmerdale SPOILER: Moira and Cain REUNITED?

Are they getting back together?

One minute he’s snogging local vicar Harriet Finch and the next rumours are rife Cain Dingle’s set for a reunion with estranged wife Moira – we can’t keep up!

It seems Coira fans are set to be delighted when Moira helps Cain repair his relationship with Faith. But will it lead to more?

Wanting to put her family back together, Debbie has already been trying to build bridges between Chas and Faith, which resulted in viewers discovering Faith had battled breast cancer.

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Although she didn’t tell her daughter why she recoiled from the hug, we later saw her examining her mastectomy scars in the mirror.

But with Cain also unaware what his mother has been through, he still wants nothing to do with her.

Faith is trying to muck in with the clan while Sarah is recovering and has even got her hands dirty helping Moira on the farm.

Cain is stunned when he goes over to find his mum in overalls, ready to get stuck in.

He scoffs at her, not impressed by what he views as an act, but Moira quickly chastises him and suggests he take some time to get to know his mother.

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She advises him to speak to Chas about it and is determined to make her ex open up to his mum. But will Faith be grateful for Moira’s help?

And just why does Moira care quite so much about Cain’s relationship with his mum? Is it because she still harbours feelings for him herself? Is she using this as an excuse to get close to him again?

What does that mean for Cain’s relationship with Harriet? Does he want to be with her or not?

We’re not sure Coira will ever truly be over and if this brings them back together, it might just be the best news for everyone.

But then again, we are starting to like Harriet and Cain’s pairing…

Looks like Cain’s got a big decision on his hands!