Emmerdale SPOILER: Megan gets a very dirty revenge on Charity

She's going all out to make the Dingle diva pay

They say revenge is sweet and Emmerdale’s Megan Macey certainly has a sweet tooth tonight as she takes on Charity Dingle over Frank Clayton.

The truth about Charity’s hook up with Frank came out last night when Tracy Metcalfe couldn’t lie for her dad after discovering the truth herself.

She revealed everything to Megan in – where else? – the Woolpack, and a devastated Ms Macey lashed out (quite literally) and smacked Charity one.

But her revenge doesn’t end there, oh no siree, she wants to make Charity feel really, really bad for what she’s done.

Megan wants to hit Charity where it hurts (Credit: ITV)

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With Charity acting as brazenly as ever about the whole situation, a furious Megan doesn’t want her to continue to get away with wrecking people’s lives and wants to make sure she knows that.

Charity and daughter Debbie are in the midst of starting up a chauffeur business, and their fancy new car is their pride and joy, so when Megan approaches it with a tin of red paint, it looks like she’s going to make Charity pay with her livelihood.

Charity thinks she hasn’t got the guts (Credit: ITV)

As Megan threatens to pour the paint all over the vehicle a crowd gathers to see whether she’ll go through with it or not.

Charity starts off trying to call Megan’s bluff, but when it becomes clear the wedding planner isn’t messing around, Charity quickly changes tactic.

But soon panics when she realises Megan does (Credit: ITV)

Pleading with her nemesis as it would cost a fortune to clean the paint off the car, it looks like Charity’s begging has fallen on deaf ears as Megan takes the lid off the paint tin. Is her business about to be ruined?

It’s Leyla Harding who manages to persuade Megan she’ll get a criminal record if she damages the car. That realisation, coupled with the fact Debbie begs her not to trash the car, bringing up the fact she needs to provide for kids Jack and Sarah too and the car is vital to that, makes Megan see sense.

Take splat! (Credit: ITV)

But Charity just can’t help herself and once again hits out at Megan, winding her up to the point Megs has to act.

However she doesn’t throw the paint on the car – she chucks it all over Charity instead! Well, she had it coming!

That’s going to take a couple of washes to get out (Credit: ITV)

As Ms Dingle stands dripping in red paint, will she want her own back on Megan?

Or will Megan be prepared to leave it there? Could she lash out again with even greater consequences?

Does this make Charity the Scarlett Woman? (Credit: ITV)

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And what about Frank in all of this? He’s equally as guilty as Charity, what’s Megan got planned for him?