Emmerdale SPOILER: Marlon and Carly under threat as her ex arrives?

Just when Marlon was planning the perfect proposal as well

Emmerdale are really messing with our favourite ships at the moment.

First they challenge Robron, then they break up Adam and Victoria – and now it looks like there’s trouble in store for Carlon (that’s, er Marlon and Carly, you got that, right?).

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Next week, just as Marlon is planning to pop the question to Carly, she runs into a familiar face in the Woolpack – it’s her ex, Matt.

He’s FEWMIN’ that Carly hasn’t contacted him to tell him about the death of their baby, Billy.

Carly isn’t fussed what he thinks because Matt had already walked out on them by that point.

Their different views on the tragedy of their baby – who died a few years previously of cot death – leads to a highly charged argument.

Seeing Carly distressed, Marlon soon steps in and throws her ex out of the pub.

He gets a smack in the face from Matt for his troubles.

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As you can imagine, the reunion is pretty darned emosh, but does Carly still have feelings for her ex?

And will Marlon go ahead with his proposal – or will he decide that the timing is a little sucky?

AND – there’s someone in the village who already has her eye on handsome Matt – but who is it?


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