Emmerdale SPOILER: Leyla finds out the truth!

Is the truth about Priya and Pete about to come exploding out?

Uh-oh. Things are about to get VERY AWKWARD in Emerdale next week when Leyla Harding catches love-rival Priya Sharma with a pregnancy test.

Leyla catches Priya with a pregnancy test (credit: ITV)

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Priya, as we know, has been feeling all kinds of icky and thinks she might be preggers. So she does the logical thing – and takes a test in the Woolpack toilets. The TOILETS?!

Leyla, worried about her friend after she ducks out of a celebration at the pub, follows her into the loos, where she finds her with the test in hand. Yikes.

Will Priya confess all to Leyla – or add another lie to the complicated web she and Pete have begun to weave?

Leyla, who’s hoping to marry Pete, will be left heartbroken if she finds out that her best friend and boyfriend have been having a steamy affair behind her back.

Priya skips the celebration in the Woolpack (credit: ITV)

So far, she’s been oblivious to the awkward atmosphere between Pete and Priya, who’s currently living with them at Tug Ghyll.

The cheating pair have been struggling to keep their hands off each other, worried that it’s only a matter of time before Leyla catches them.

Fiona Wade, who plays sneaky Priya, was on This Morning this week talking about her character’s steamy storyline.

She said: “It’s all complicated. Leyla is her best friend and this is what she’s done!”

Priya and Pete have been having a steamy affair (credit: ITV)

The stunning actress added: “Not that there’s an excuse for her actions but Priya has been with Rakesh for a while and he hasn’t been the greatest husband.

“She hasn’t been thinking about Leila throughout this and they are now having huge regrets.

“She’s threatening to tell all. She’s got a heart and loves Leyla- but realises this is complicated. She wants to do right thing.

“But her and and Pete have been together a couple of times so some emotions are obviously going to be involved.”

Is Priya pregnant with Pete’s baby? (credit: ITV)

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And if there’s a baby involved – things are only going to get more complex…

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