Emmerdale SPOILER: Laurel finds out the truth about murderous Emma?

She might be putting her own life in danger though

Finally, finally, Laurel Thomas is going to work out there’s something very strange going on with Emma Barton in next week’s Emmerdale.

But as she decides to confront Emma about her odd behaviour, is Laurel putting herself in danger?

Emma has been left horrified by the news that Arthur Thomas has watched the video footage of her manipulating Ashley into remembering events on the bridge the day she pushed James off, differently.

Emma knows she has to make sure the nine-year-old stays quiet, but her usual methods i.e. murder, just aren’t going to cut it with a youngster. She does have some morals then?

Laurel wants to know exactly what Emma was playing at in her house (Credit: ITV)

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She at first tries to delete the footage, but is caught in the house by Laurel. So then Emma lays a trap for little Arthur.

They end up having a scuffle and her wish is granted when the footage is ruined.

Emma will go to whatever lengths necessary to destroy the video (Credit: ITV)

When the lad starts bed-wetting, it’s clear Emma’s going way too far (as if she hadn’t already).

Laurel’s determined to get to the bottom of why her son is so scared of the nutty nurse.

“When Laurel hears about the incident involving Ashley’s tapes being destroyed, she’s even more determined to find out what happened,” a show source revealed to Inside Soap.

Emma panics under Laurel’s questioning, but will Laurel buy her lies?

Laurel wants to hear both sides of the story (Credit: ITV)

The torn mum decides to call Arthur downstairs so he can have his own say on what’s going on, scared Arthur is about to open up to his mum – just as Emma walks in and interrupts them.

As Arthur clams up again, Laurel knows something isn’t right here and sends Emma on her way – leaving the killer even more fearful her secret’s coming out.

Emma isn’t doing herself favours (Credit: ITV)

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Laurel pushes Arthur to open up, but will she finally learn the truth?

And just how far is Emma prepared to go to protect her own secrets? Is Laurel’s life in danger from the deranged Barton?