Emmerdale SPOILER: Jai and Nell get passionate after drug drama

But is Nell for real - or just too good to be true?

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Looks like Jai Sharma’s feelings for troubled Nell Fairfax are changing, when the recovering addict and Holly Barton lookalike turns heads at baby Amba’s birthday party.

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Jai is visibly jealous when he notices Ross Barton flirting with vulnerable Nell. Come on Jai, that man would flirt with a pumpkin if it had curves in the right places.

Nell winds up living at Jai’s next week after Rishi finds the young girl camping out at the factory. She tells him she can’t stay at the hostel any longer because of the people she is being forced to live alongside.

Jai – who’s still feeling guilty over Holly’s death – is determined not to make the same mistakes again and insists that Nell stays with him.

Even Priya tries to make Nell feel welcome when she invites her to Amba’s birthday party. She’s also impressed when she sees how good Nell is with the tot.

But things soon take a turn for the ruddy awful when Priya finds her daughter with pills in her hand after she rooted around in Nell’s bag.

Nell is mortified that everyone thinks the worst of her, even though it’s anti-depressants that Amba has found. She’s also disappointed that Jai doesn’t jump to her defence.

But as Nell starts to back away, circumstances lead to a passionate encounter between the pair.

Not sure how Emmerdale fans will feel about this as most people are convinced that Nell is an opportunist con-woman who spotted Jai’s story in the paper.

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The popular theory is that she’s deliberately trying to look like Holly to get Jai to fall for her, before ripping him off.

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