Emmerdale SPOILER: Is Pierce stalking Rhona?

Is Pierce still trying to mess with her mind?

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As if she hasn’t been through enough after Pierce’s vicious attack on their wedding day, Rhona Goskirk faces more trauma in Emmerdale when it seems like someone is stalking her.

There’s more horror in store for Rhona (credit: ITV)

Rhona has already had to face Pierce again after an oblivious Paddy convinced him to return to the village to help her get over her painkiller addiction.

However, facing her rapist gave her the confidence to finally report him to the police for his brutal crime.

But she’s left terrified when, after an exhausting day facing the rest of the village, she goes home to run herself a bath.

Like something out of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Rhona is horrified when she spots an eerie message written in the steam on the mirror.

Someone’s been in Rhona’s house – is it Pierce? (credit: ITV)

Rhona turns to Paddy – who now knows about the rape – frightened because someone has been in the house and adamant that it’s Pierce.

Furious, Paddy drives to Pierce’s office to confront him. We’re not telling you what he does when he gets there though.

Anyway, it doesn’t end Rhona’s ordeal as the next morning she comes down to find the door open and empty packets of pills on the table.

An anxious Rhona runs outside when she can’t find Leo, but Marlon and Paddy clock her with the empty packets in her hands.

Will Marlon and Paddy believe Rhona? (credit: ITV)

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They assume she’s back on the painkillers, even though Rhona protests her innocence.

But will they believe her? And who IS stalking her?

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