Emmerdale SPOILER: Is Moira secretly plotting to split up Cain and Harriet?

This is soap - she can’t really be happy for them, surely…

In the land of soap, no one really accepts that their exes move on, meet other people and make a new life.

God, no.

Instead, they’re more likely to:

*Plot some evil revenge

*Fake a terminal illness to get them back

*Keep sleeping with them behind their back until someone gets pregnant and it all comes out one night in the boozer

Keep walking, Moira, fast. Towards The Woolpack (Credit: ITV)

Which is why no one accepts that Moira can be genuinely happy and laidback about her ex/ love of her life Cain moving on to develop feelings for Harriet.

Firstly, because Moira and Cain were properly, utterly, soap couple goals-worthy in love. And secondly because Harriet the vicar and Cain? Come on now.

Erm, have they both nodded off? (Credit: ITV)

So while Moira has technically given her blessing to the pair – simply warning Cain to treat her well as she is a good woman – a quick look she gave Cain in last night’s episode had people speculating that things weren’t quite as gracious as they might have seemed.

Moira discovered her ex’s feelings for Harriet when she saw him react violently towards Ross Barton, who was responsible for his new love interest getting stabbed.

But later, when she saw Cain kiss Harriet’s hand, Moira’s face said she wasn’t as breezy about it as she might have made out.

Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet, recently told “The way Emmerdale are going to play Moira’s reaction to it all – it is really good.

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“They aren’t portraying her as a Harriet hater but instead she is really supportive and tells Cain that Harriet is a good woman and warns him not to mess her around.

“It’s nice to go with that and not go with the obvious ‘ex hating on her’ angle.”

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But could it be that Moira has a more long-term, subtle strategy in mind?

While fans picked up on Moira’s ‘I’m not happy with this’ glance and would love to see Coira back together, some were already speculating that she might be involved in their break-up.

One said on Twitter: “You just know that Cain will eventually cheat on Harriet with Moira.

Cain? Cheating with an ex? Can’t see it…