EMMERDALE SPOILER: Did Lawrence murder Chrissie’s real father?

Chrissie will play detective and may found out more than she bargained for

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We can’t keep up with all the to-ings and fro-ings in the soaps at the moment.

And it’s award-winning Emmerdale that is giving good drama!

This week, viewers were shocked to find out that Lawrence White may be a secret murderer.

During an appearance on Hotten FM, a man called Tim Richards called into the show to make the shock allegation that Lawrence killed his brother!

Lawrence is accused of murdering someone’s brother on live radio (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers were as shocked as Lawrence was.

Of course he denied the allegation straight away – well, you would too if you were on the radio being accused of a nefarious crime!

But what is the truth? Viewers could sense from the look on Lawrence’s face that he knew more than he was letting on.

But it looks like the truth will eventually come out over the new few weeks.

Chrissie grows suspicious when she sees Lawrence taking to a man (Credit: ITV)

In upcoming episodes, ‘daughter’ Chrissie is suspicious when she spots Lawrence talking to a strange man – who, it will emerge, is in fact her uncle.

Which, viewers will work out, means Lawrence supposedly murdered her real father.

Not that she will know this to start with – she will be in the dark for some time.

In fact, it takes her some time to persuade her ‘dad’ to come clean about who the stranger actually is.

Lawrence tells Chrissie the stranger is her uncle but doesn’t say he’s been accused of murder (Credit: ITV)

However, in the end he reluctantly relents and tells her that he is her uncle, although doesn’t mention to her the accusation of murder this Tim fella has thrown at him.

Intrigued by Tim’s arrival, Chrissie is determined to meet up with her uncle, which means she could be in for a shock when she finds out that the man she has calledad for years is actually responsible for killing her real dad.

Chrissie wants to talk to her uncle – but will she find out that Lawrence murdered her real father (Credit:ITV)

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We’ll have to see how the storyline pans out but as John Bowe who plays Lawrence is leaving the series later in the year, it’s likely that he probably is a killer.

But then in Emmerdale, you never know what’s around the corner!