Emmerdale SPOILER: Is Jai in danger as Nell’s secret is revealed?

Fans have been speculating over who the mysterious Nell is for months

There’s trouble in store for Jai Sharma in Emmerdale next week when he decides to find Nell Fairfax. The troubled, recovering addict reminds Jai of Holly Barton, who died last year of an overdose.

Jai tries to track her down at an NA meeting, where he hears some distressing news about her.

He’s so keen to put right what he did wrong with Holly, that he invites Nell – who’s pretty much a stranger – to work and live with him. Yep, that happens.

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Nell is grateful but Priya senses that something is a bit off about her – and the whole situation. Unsurprisingly.

Priya tries to warn Jai off helping Nell, but he ignores her. She promises that she’ll be keeping an eye on the new house guest.

Is Priya about the be proved right when the police come knocking?

Jai first met Nell at an NA meeting and her similarities to his late girlfriend Holly were uncanny. In fact, he found her story so like Holly’s that he couldn’t handle it and ended up running out of the meeting.

Nell then made off with his jacket and wallet, but Jai tracked her down and it’s clear there’s going to be more to come in their story.

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Fans have already speculated over the fact the new girl is conning Jai. They believe she read Holly’s story in the local paper after Moira and Jai gave an interview about it, and she’s after something.

But now talk has turned to something far more sinister – namely that Nell was responsible for Holly’s death in some way. Did she kill Holly by supplying her the fatal dose of drugs? Or worse, did she force her to take them?

Is the truth all about to come out?

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