Emmerdale: Will smitten Harriet risk prison to impress Cain?

Is she going to join the dark side?

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Emmerdale’s Harriet Finch just keeps finding herself drawn closer into criminal Cain Dingle’s orbit.

Despite the vicar’s best efforts to stay on the right side of the law, the soap bad boy seems to be tempting her with the thrill of dodgy activities.

With a shock affair rumoured to be on the cards for the pair, they’re spending more and more time together, and it’s looking more and more likely that they will end up falling into each other’s arms.

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Harriet tried to do the right thing when she caught Cain with a bag of stolen mobile phones and she took them off him and reported him to the police.

But she soon has second thoughts about dobbing him in when she overhears him comforting Debbie, who’s struggling being so far away from Sarah while she has treatment in Prague for her cancer.

The vexed vicar quickly realises Cain’s under an incredible amount of pressure and, by reporting him to the police, she’s only making things worse.

She decides to get to him before the cops do to save his bacon, but when she finds him at the church, he’s stashing ANOTHER bag of nicked phones!

Harriet’s furious that she had decided to cut him some slack and angrily lays into him.

Cain tries to calm her down and offers her a compromise: a cut of the profits if she doesn’t report him.

Of course, Harriet knows she should turn him down flat. But she doesn’t. She’s seriously tempted by his deal.

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Is she after a spot of excitement in her life? Could Cain be just the ticket to give her that thrill?

They seem to be getting thrown together rather a lot, and we all know where the rush of criminal activity can end up leading – are Harriet and Cain the ‘unlikely couple’ who are set to sizzle this summer?

We won’t lie, we’d love to see them get together!

Cain’s always liked to turn a good girl bad, but the question is whether Harriet can resist the smouldering leather-clad bad boy for much longer?