Emmerdale SPOILER: Gun drama at Home Farm

Chrissie's Uncle Tim is not to be messed with

To get shot once could be a case of bad luck. Twice? Well that’s really, really bad luck.

As Emmerdale’s Lawrence White is held at gunpoint at his own home once again, will he get away alive this time?

Lawrence is held at gunpoint – again (Credit: ITV)

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Previously shot by his grandson Lachlan, Lawrence has made a full recovery and is living life to the full.

But in the background of his happy existence is the fact daughter Chrissie’s been searching for her biological father and wants to get closer to him by getting to know her uncle.

Lawrence does not want Chrissie to know Tim, her father’s brother – and we’re not sure exactly why yet.

Lawrence warns Tim to stay away from his family (Credit: ITV)

When a letter turns up for Chrissie from Tim, Lawrence manages to intercept it and, along with a heavy, pays Tim a visit himself.

He barges his way in and tells Tim to stay away from his family, but will Tim listen?

He’s angry and Tim doesn’t like his attitude (Credit: ITV)

Of course not!

While Lawrence may think he has the upper hand, in fact, Tim has a plan of his own to get him back.

Lawrence is clay pigeon shooting at Home Farm the next day when Sam Dingle notices one of Lawrence’s guns is missing.

Tim shows he means business by pointing a gun at Lawrence (Credit: ITV)

It’s not long before Tim emerges from behind the garage waving the weapon in Lawrence’s direction.

A scared Lawrence tries to talk him round, but is Tim in the mood to listen to reason?

Can Lawrence persuade Tim not to shoot? (Credit: ITV)

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We know actor John Bowe, who plays Lawrence is leaving the show, could this be his grisly exit?

And will his secrets stay secret now that Tim is on the scene? There’s something huge he’s clearly hiding from Chrissie, but will he confess before the truth is told by someone else?