Emmerdale SPOILER: Finn becomes an escort to raise funds

The Bartons need cash and Finn steps up to the plate

The Barton family’s money troubles are getting worse and youngest brother Finn realises he needs to do something quick smart.

Deciding to earn some fast cash by becoming a male escort, he soon lines up his first job, but it doesn’t exactly go smoothly.

The Bartons desperately try to think of a solution to their lack of funds (Credit: ITV)

As Finn, Ross and Emma discuss their lack of funds over a drink in the Woolpack, Finn is feeling extremely guilty.

It turns out, he blew a whole load of the clan’s cash in Australia and he’s a major part of the reason for their money worries.

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Guilty Finn reveals the truth to Leyla (Credit: ITV)

He confides in Leyla Harding about what he’s done, and realises he needs to do something to earn the money back.

It’s not long before he’s resolving to take on a new career – as an escort!

Finn’s money-maker seems lucrative (Credit: ITV)

As he meets up with his first client, he gets the money upfront (already a pro), but then starts to panic as the man clearly expects more than Finn’s willing to offer.

It’s not long before Finn does a runner with the angry client’s cash.

Finn panics – and runs away (Credit: ITV)

With the guy in hot pursuit, Finn heads to Wylie’s farm where the man catches up with him.

Finn threatens to out him to his wife if he doesn’t leave, and Ross, who’s found out what’s going on, jumps in to protect his brother too.

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Speaking to Digital Spy, Joe Gill, who plays Finn revealed: “A while ago we had Finn with an escort.

“The seed is already planted and he does have the connections. He’s seen how easy it is to make a quick buck or two.”

But he added: “Finn has under-thought what happens and what you put yourself through in that kind of situation, but he’s just thinking about the outcome and not what you have to do to get there!

“Finn knows that if he’s going to get as much money as he can, he’s going to have to provide ‘the full service’.”

The boys find a cannabis farm (Credit: ITV)

As the brothers manage to get rid of the angry client, they discover something at Wylie’s that just might solve all their money worries without Finn having to pimp himself out.

They find a cannabis farm. Will good boy Finn let the family use it to their advantage?