Emmerdale’s Faith reveals her mastectomy to new love interest

But she doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for

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Faith Dingle’s certainly made her mark since arriving in Emmerdale, and factory boss Rishi Sharma seems particularly taken with her, but it’s been clear she’s been hiding something for a while.

All was revealed last week when we saw an emotional Faith remove her clothes and stare at her mastectomy scars in the mirror.

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Although viewers know what she’s been through, everyone else in the village, including her daughter Chas and son Cain, have no idea.

Faith is enjoying the company of Rishi very much, and he’s clearly smitten. They go for a date, having a drink in the Woolpack, and then she takes him back to Butler’s Farm.

Things are going so well between them, Rishi leans in for a kiss. Aw, aren’t they sweet?

Deciding the time is right to confide in him about her medical treatment before things go any further, Faith opens up about her operation.

But she’s stunned when the mood turns and Rishi makes some quick excuses before leaving.

It’s very unlike him to be so insensitive – is there more to his reaction than meets the eye?

Whatever it is that caused him to behave so badly, Faith doesn’t care, she’s just understandably devastated that the first person she’s confided in reacted so badly.

By the time the next day arrives though, she’s furious and confronts him about the way he was. How will he explain himself? And will it be a comfort to her?

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It’s little Sarah who ends up being there for Faith as she offers comfort to her great-grandmother. But will Faith confess what’s really going on to her? She has battled cancer too – maybe she would understand more than Faith thinks?

Poor Faith’s in for more stress though when Debbie starts to get a bit jealous about her relationship with Sarah. Can Faith reassure Deb she’s no threat to their mother/daughter bond?

Wouldn’t it make life easier all round if Faith came clean about everything? Rishi’s reaction hasn’t helped her confidence, but surely her family would rally round her?