Emmerdale SPOILER: Exit for Rebecca White?

She's preparing to flee

Rebecca White hasn’t been the most popular character in Emmerdale since her arrival.

That’s mainly because she’s been smack bang in the middle of Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden’s romance and has been close to breaking them up.

But now she’s finally realised there’s nothing for her in the Dales and books a one-way ticket out of there. Will she really go?

Robert Rebecca sex drunk
Rebecca slept with Robert when he was feeling low (Credit: ITV)

Fans really turned on Rebecca when she slept with Robert after he’d had a row with imprisoned Aaron. Robert was drunk and seeking comfort and Rebecca was only too happy to oblige.

She then revealed she was pregnant with Robert’s child, and when Ross Barton found out he began blackmailing Robert to keep quiet.

Robert has been pressuring her into getting rid of the baby, but after she had a previous abortion thanks to him, she’s not too sure she wants to do it again.

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Debbie and Rebecca are planning to go into business together (Credit: ITV)

Wanting to find a new focus, Rebecca starts next week plotting to go into business with Debbie Dingle. They’ve got a secret car deal going and think it’s going to be big.

Of course, as soon as Deb’s mum, Charity, gets wind of their plan, and the fact Rebecca is keeping the whole thing from her father, Lawrence White, she blackmails them into letting her be an equal partner.

Charity gets wind of their idea and wants in (Credit: ITV)

Just as Rebecca starts to think their business idea will be a success, Robert corners her and tells her about Ross’s blackmail attempts, begging for her help.

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Robert wants Rebecca’s help (Credit: ITV)

Thrown by the news, Rebecca thinks it would be better all round if she just left town and got away from the messy situation. She books a one-way ticket to Ibiza, meaning she won’t be coming back.

Ross is blackmailing Robert and he asks Rebecca to sort it (Credit: ITV)

But as Robert prepares to tell Aaron the truth, will she leave before the inevitable confrontation between them?

It’s not long before she has a big confession of her own for friend Victoria: she’s planning to keep the baby. But she still refuses to confide who the father is.

Rebecca tells Victoria she’s keeping her baby (Credit: ITV)

Does this mean she’ll leave to raise it and never tell Robert she didn’t get an abortion?

“I don’t think she has a plan,” Emily Head, who plays Rebecca, told “But everything is a bit much in the village and I think she just needs to leave.

“That is something Rebecca is very good at doing when things get a bit too tough.

“Her relationships aren’t keeping her here anymore and she needs to get away from the stares of people in the village.”

With no one to confide in and no one to talk to, will she really just leave to start again? Or will someone change her mind about going?