Emmerdale spoiler: Exit for Rakesh?

Is the fire about to come back to haunt him in a big way?

Could Rakesh Kotecha’s days in the Dales be numbered as the truth about the fire at the Mill finally comes exploding out?

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Rakesh set fire to the cottage, in order to get money from the insurance. As we know, this didn’t go to plan and the place exploded, leaving several lives hanging in the balance.

It’s a drunk Jimmy King who spills the beans, revealing to several villagers that Rakesh started the fire that almost killed his wife, Nicola, and Ronnie Hale.

Jimmy rows with Nicola again when Jai Sharma fires her from the factory for her behaviour.

A stressed-out Jimmy decides to drown his sorrows.

After a few too many drinks at the Woolpack, he reveals all to Kerry Wyatt, amongst others.

His listeners convince him that he needs to report the arson to the police.

A boozed-up Jimmy does just that – but regrets his actions the next morning. Sadly, it’s too late to undo it…

Priya and Rakesh are left shocked the next day when the police come round to question him about the blaze.

Rakesh soon realises he’s in very deep trouble. And Priya looks tired of supporting a man who always brings the drama.

Could Priya be about to find a shoulder to cry on in an unexpected place?

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And what about Rakesh? Will he find himself in prison, or will he be able to worm his way out of it?

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