Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma’s sons find out she killed James

Just a guess, but we don't think they're going to be happy

Now Faith Dingle knows Emma Barton’s killer secret in Emmerdale, surely it’s only a matter of time before her family find out what she did.

And when it does come out, one of her three sons in particular is set to lash out the hardest…

Emma pushed James to his death off a motorway bridge. Some fans have argued it was an accident, but other’s believe it was cold-blooded murder and she needs to be punished.

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Up until recently, the deranged Barton had managed to keep her secret completely hidden and no one knew what she’d done.

But now Faith Dingle knows and we’re betting she isn’t going to make Emma’s life easy and keep quiet for her.

And when it does come out, all hell is set to break loose – with Finn Barton taking it the worst.

Actor Joseph Gill told the Daily Star that although the three brothers, Pete, Ross, and Finn, “have an idea of what Emma is capable” it’ll be a different story when they find out what we all know.

“When they realise what she is, it is definitely not to be missed,” he revealed.

“They are all going to react in their individual ways, they are all mental at the end of the day.”

But who’s the most mental of them all? Joe reckons it’s Finn!

“Ross and Pete are both bad boys, and more physical, but Finn is way more reserved.

“But he is the one with the Barton streak in him, he has shown signs that he is a little bit crazy too.

“When he finds out, he has got the capability of blowing up and going mental, it is going to be amazing television.”

We might have to wait a little bit longer for Emma to get her comeuppance completely though as even though she slipped up at the psychic night and unwittingly revealed her secret to Faith, show boss Iain MacLeod recently told that he’s keen to keep Emma around.

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“‘I love the character and I love Gillian [Kearney, Emma] so I’m in absolutely no rush to pass judgement on it,” he said.

And when speaking about the exact punishment Emma might face, he said it might not be what we think.

“Being responsible for someone’s death – especially when it wasn’t a kind of cold blooded murder – doesn’t necessarily mean you have to end up behind bars.

“Obviously there’s an appetite for viewers when something bad is done – you can’t ignore that but equally comeuppance can come in many forms so it’s just a case of deciding what form that might take and when it might happen.”