Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma Barton to finally get her comeuppance?

A big storyline is set to cause trouble for the Dales resident killer.

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Emmerdale’s Emma Barton seems to have got away with killing her fiancé James Barton, but that looks set to change in the coming months.

By the autumn, it’s been revealed she’ll be caught up in yet another sensational storyline – but will it be her exit?

By the time the story comes to fruition, it’ll be almost a year since she killed James and caused a huge pile up, involving other characters on the soap.

So far, Emma’s managed to cover up her crime, breaking down at the inquest and nearly confessing, but managing to compose herself just enough to save her own skin.

She’s carried on with life in the village, but she hasn’t forgotten her vendetta against Moira Dingle, who she believes is responsible for destroying the life Emma had with James.

In upcoming scenes, Emma will discover Moira has stolen a car and it’s just the ammunition she needs to take down her rival.

But with Emma’s son Ross also involved in the car stealing scam, will Emma agree to let Moira off?

And does that mean she’ll be plotting her revenge another way? Will it have something to do with the big story in autumn?

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Speaking the Metro after their big National Television Awards win for Best Serial Drama, show producer Iain MacLeod said:

“We’ve got big news for Emma which will be starting in the summer and building up to a big storyline towards the back of the year.”

He went on to reveal it’ll be less stunt-orientated than last year, but still have a massive impact:

“It won’t be the same as the big crash we did last year – it will be every bit as riveting but with a slightly different spin on it. It will be less stunty and more story and that will play out in the autumn.”

With soap viewers always keen to see bad guys get their comeuppance, many are annoyed Emma has remained at large for so long.

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But with this news, does that mean we can expect an exit from actress Gillian Kearney, who plays Emma?

Well, unhinged Emma always seems to find a way out of the messes she gets into, so maybe she can talk or fake her way out of this one too.

We wouldn’t ban on bidding her farewell just yet.