Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma Barton KILLS again?

She's got a new victim in her sights...

Fans have been calling for Emmerdale’s Emma Barton to get her comeuppance ever since she pushed James Barton to his death last year.

Despite almost confessing several times, including at the inquest into his death, Emma’s managed to keep her cool (ish) and her secret has stayed safe.

But her smooth veneer is set to crack in the coming weeks, and when it looks like someone has overheard what she did, she’s forced to weigh up her options as to how to deal with them.

And the unlucky victim is…

Faith Dingle! Will Emma kill again to protect herself?

It all kicks off when Faith declares she can communicate with spirits and is hosting an event in the Woolpack to connect with dead villagers.

Emma is immediately panicked she might get hold of James in the afterlife and he’ll tell everyone what she did.

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Needing to clear her head, she thinks God might be the answer and heads to the church.

Taking a pew, she sits and sobs, making a heartfelt confession about what she did.

But then she hears a noise behind her and it looks like someone’s overheard – but who?

In a complete state, but trying to carry on as normal, Emma ends up going to the psychic night so she can be on hand to deal with any unwanted spirits.

Sure enough, Faith begins, and soon starts channelling James.

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Emma goes into a blind panic and immediately assumes it must have been Faith who overheard her and she’s playing games with her head.

Believing that Faith is on the verge of exposing the truth about James’s death, Emma loses it, launches herself at Faith and grabs the microphone from her.

The punters in the Woolie are stunned, but Emma’s convinced she needs to shut Faith up.

We all know what she’s capable of – could she kill Faith to keep her quiet?

She’s just sneaky enough to do it, and although Faith’s a Dingle who can certainly handle herself, Emma’s got more than a few tricks up her sleeve to silence her.

Is Faith going to become Emma’s next victim?