Emmerdale SPOILER: Chrissie finds out the truth

Her whole world is about to come crashing down

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Could Emmerdale’s premier family, the Whites, be about to fall, as revelation after shocking revelation comes out next week?

It’s not looking that awesome for Tim (Credit: ITV)

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After Lachlan’s amateur kidnapping attempt on Tim Richards, Chrissie feels she has a lot that her famalam have been hiding from her – who is Tim? Why is Lawrence so mean to him? Does Santa really not exist?

So many question, huh Chris?

Poor Chrissie who – as we know has been getting closer to her uncle Tim, except she knows him as Simon, a rather keen potential client – looks set to learn the truth about Si, Tim and her dad when Lachlan strikes.

Determined to stop his mum finding out the grim truth, Lachlan concocts a plan with his ex cell-mate, Gerry, to kidnap Tim. It already sounds fool-proof, right?

Lachlan and Gerry give Tim the boot. Literally. (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Lawrence has been building himself up to tell Chrissie the dirty truth, when he realises that his grandson has taken matters into his own hands.

Spotting Tim (or Simon, if we’re Chrissie) heading to Home Farm, the two lads attack him and bundle him into the boot of a car. Which is soooooo Emmerdale.

Later, Lachy returns to the farm and tells Lawrence that he no longer has to worry about Tim (or Simon, if we’re Chrissie.)

Erm. What exactly does that mean, Lachlan – you little serial killer in waiting?

Well, let’s just say his words unnerve his granddad, even more so when Tim’s (or Simon’s, if you’re Chrissie) phone starts ringing in Lachlan’s pocket.

The next day, Lawrence and Ronnie prepare for their big move to St. Ives (ha ha ha – mega LOLZ guys, as if) and Lachlan tells Lawrence that he has everything under control.


Later, the lads go to see Tim (or Simon, if you’re Chrissie) in one of the outhouses where they have him bound and gagged.

Their dastardly plan becomes unraveled when they remove his gag and he starts yelling about getting away with it if it wasn’t for them pesky kids.

Not really, but he does start yelling at the top of his voice, which alerts Chrissie and Ronnie to the unauthorised activity which has been going down on their watch.

A stunned Chrissie sees Simon (or Tim, if you’re anyone else) who has been her slightly older love interest, bound and gagged on her property, and starts to wonder what the heck is going on. Obvs.

Tim (or still Simon, if you’re Chrissie, but not for long) then spills the beans about who he really is – and what Lawrence had to do with her real father – which doesn’t go down very well with Chrissie.

And it’s not just Chrissie who is left stunned by Tim’s (for that is now his name to all) claims. Ronnie is shocked, when Lawrence doesn’t even attempt to deny the claims.

A furious Chrissie demands answers, while Ronnie makes a life-changing decision that has MAJOR repercussions for Lawrence.

Without revealing too much, Lawrence comes off worst after an explosive chain of events, and ends up in hospital. Again.

He’s been in and out of Hotten General since he arrived in the village, but could this be his last visit?

We know that Lawrence is set to leave Emmerdale in the coming weeks – could this trip to hospital be his final one? Let’s face it, he’s no spring chicken.

Is this the end for Big L? (Credit: ITV)

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And could this be the start of Lachlan’s rumoured killing spree?

Let’s hope so – it’s been aaaaages since we’ve had a good old serial killer in the Dales.

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