Emmerdale SPOILER: Chrissie dates her uncle?!

This is all kinds of wrong

Emmerdale is about to air some very awkward scenes as a lovelorn Chrissie White thinks she’s found her perfect man – but it’s actually her uncle, Tim Richards. Told you it was awkward.

Despite Lawrence’s best efforts to keep Tim away from Chrissie, it doesn’t seem to have worked when Tim poses as a potential business associate.

Lawrence has issued threat after threat to Tim – he hasn’t listened (Credit: ITV)

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Lawrence has issued numerous threats to Tim to stay away, including having him beaten up by a henchman. Tim retaliated by holding Lawrence at gunpoint and then trying to gas him in a locked garage. It’s fair to say there’s no love lost between these two then.

Lachlan rescued his grandad in the nick of time, but it seems Lawrence’s decision not to get the police involved because of what he did to Tim’s brother (Chrissie’s real dad) is set to backfire when Tim finds a way to get into Chrissie’s life.

Chrissie’s immediately charmed by Tim (Credit: ITV)

Calling himself Simon, Tim arranges to meet with Chrissie and they get together to ‘talk business’. It’s not long before Chrissie feels a romantic spark (we know, ick) and arranges a second meeting in a swanky restaurant.

Dolled up the nines, Chrissie thinks her luck is definitely in – Simon is charming, kind and very interested in her.

Tim seems like Chrissie’s ideal man (Credit: ITV)

She wastes no time in inviting him for a follow up rendezvous this time in the less glamorous location of David’s shop.

As Chrissie gets herself looking lovely, her son Lachlan spots the pair of them together, and aware of who ‘Simon’ really is, he rushes back to alert Lawrence.

Chrissie flirts up a storm, but will Tim tell her the truth? (Credit: ITV)

Determined to do all he can to keep them apart, Lawrence heads over to the shop quick smart and introduces himself to Tim as Chrissie’s dad, who runs the business – and as this is a business meeting he should join them.

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Lawrence introduces himself – but really they know each other (Credit: ITV)

But with Chrissie wanting some alone time with her fella, will Lawrence finally confess who Tim really is? And how will Chrissie respond to all the lies everyone has told her?

Lawrence tries to warn Tim off. Again. It doesn’t work. Again. (Credit: ITV)

Whose side will Chrissie take? The father who brought her up as if she was his own, but has done nothing but lie to her? Or the uncle she never knew but is related to by blood?

Is Lawrence going to be forced to let Tim into Chrissie’s life? And what other dark secrets does the brother of Chrissie’s dad hold about Lawrence that could come tumbling out?

Will Tim destroy the Whites? With all of them set to be departing the Dales at some point soon, is Tim’s arrival the beginning of the end for the fractured family?