Emmerdale SPOILER: Charity and Frank’s affair exposed

Uh-oh - Megan won't be very forgiving over this reveal

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Megan Macey might think that her relationship with Frank Clayton is solid, but it’s about to hit the skids in Emmerdale next week.

Are Charity and Frank about to be common knowledge? (credit: ITV)

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While Frank appears devoted to Megan, fans will recall that he slept with Charity early on in the relationship.

The secret hook-up has so far stayed a secret, but looks set to explode things between Charity and Megan again. And when have secrets ever stayed secret in Emmerdale?

When the week kicks off Megs and Charity are on the same side when Leyla Harding persuades Megan to collaborate with her enemy on a business arrangement.

Tracy and David overhear Charity talking to Frank…(credit: ITV)

This news troubles Frank  – and rightly so – Charity is bored and full of venom when she sees Frank and Megan playing happy families.

Meanwhile, Tracy finds out that her dad hasn’t been faithful to Megan and is super disappointed in him.

She and David overhear Charity speaking to Frank and reassuring him she won’t spill the beans about their secret fling.

But Charity has already revealed to an unimpressed Debbie that she intends to reveal the truth to Megan.

Will Tracy reveal all to Megan? (credit: ITV)

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However, when a shocked Tracy realises that her dad hasn’t changed as much as he’d promised, she threatens to let the cat out of the bag when she confronts him before a meal in the pub.

Frank tries to act normally with Megan, but Tracy is secretly fuming and thinks Megan deserves the truth.

Will Tracy be the one to reveal Frank and Charity’s secret?

Gaynor Faye, who plays betrayed Megan, has spoken out about the deceit. She said: “To be honest, I think Megan would be shocked that Frank has cheated on her, because they’ve only just got together.

“Megan is so smitten with Frank and he’s chased her for long enough. So why, when you’ve just got what you’ve chased, would you go somewhere else?

“The fact that it was with Charity makes it the worst possible scenario for Megan. She’s her nemesis and they’re so alike, so she would be the worst person for Frank to do it with.

“If she did find out the truth, Megan’s fury would be a slow-burn. Initially she would erupt, but she’s been there twice before with Jai in the past. Megan is not an innocent person herself and she’s quite good at getting people back.

“She got her own back on Declan quite a few times and she’s very bright. So I think Megan would take time to think about it and probably get her revenge slowly.”

Uh-oh – Frank and Charity had better watch their backs!

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