Emmerdale SPOILER: Carly cheats with Matt?

She has to choose between him and Marlon!

Nooooooooooo! News has reached us here at ED Towers that Marlon Dingle could be left heartbroken in a surprising turn of events next week.

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Marlon’s nose has been put decidedly out of shape by the arrival (and non-disappearance) of Carly Hope’s ex-boyfriend, Matt.

Hunky (though we’re not one to judge on appearance alone. Ahem) Matt – who is the father of the baby Carly lost to SIDS a few years ago – makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

And poor Marlon fears the worst when he catches the pair in deep discussion.

To make matters worse, Marlon had just about geared himself up to ask Carly to marry him again.

It looks like Marlon is right to be cautious as soon we’ll see Matt confess his true feelings for Carly before trying to kiss her and asking her to leave with him.

Will she go?

Elsewhere, an emotional Laurel tries to remind Marlon of his self-worth, leading to a kiss between them!

Will everyone stop snogging everyone else long enough to confess to each other?

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And do Carly’s true feelings lie with Matt or Marlon?

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