Emmerdale SPOILER: Cain’s violent streak ends his relationship with Harriet?

Taking the law into his own hands might just be Cain's undoing

Are Emmerdale’s most unlikely couple (we’ll ignore Priya and Pete for now) about to be over before they’ve even really begun?

Will Harriet be won round this time? (credit: ITV)

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Next week sees vicar Harriet Finch left questioning her questionable decision to embark on a relationship with notorious wrong’un, Cain Dingle, after he decides to use violence as a solution to a problem.

To be fair to Cain, he’s actually trying to protect Harriet, who’s left worried after being told she may need to identify the thugs who stabbed her.

Finn Barton is also concerned that Harriet’s ID-ing might drop him and Ross in the doo-doo, after all, the drug dealers have no reason to protect them.

But just as Harriet prepares to face her attackers, she hears they’ve got solid alibis for the time of the stabbing. Erm….yeah, whatever.

Finn is worried the truth about him and Ross will be revealed (credit: ITV)

A furious Cain decides to take the law into his own gorgeous hands after hearing this and is prepared to get justice for Harriet in that special way only Dingles can.

But when Harriet finds out what Cain’s planning, she is less than impressed.

She’s already told Cain, several times, that she doesn’t want violence forming any part of their life together.

So hearing he’s completely ignored her wishes, leaves her heartbroken and questioning whether their relationship is really one to invest in.

In fairness to Cain, the minute he realises he’s messed things up with Harriet, he is totes remorseful and tries to redeem himself.

Carriet have become one of Emmerdale’s most loved ships (credit: ITV)

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But can he win Harriet round, or has Debbie been right about this particular ‘ship the whole time?

Not that it matters but #Cain4Harriet4Eva. Just our opinion.