Emmerdale SPOILER: Cain and Harriet reignite their passion

He's there for her in her hour of need

As vicar Harriet Finch tries to come to terms with Ashley Thomas’s death, it’s Cain Dingle who’s her shoulder to cry on.

With the spark clearly there between them, will comfort lead to something more – again?

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They’ve already shared a passionate kiss after Harriet caught him hiding stolen mobile phones in the church.

At first she threatened to call the police, but that roguish Dingle charm won out and she ended up responding when he snogged her.

When Ashley passes away later this week, Harriet struggles to cope with the news.

She was previously engaged to Ashley and planned to spend the rest of her life with him, but while everyone runs around looking after Laurel and the rest of the family, it seems Harriet’s been forgotten.

Taking his passing pretty hard, she struggles to preside over the funeral while dealing with her own grief.

When she falters during the service, she’s furious with herself for letting her own feelings get in the way of making everything perfect for Ashley’s final goodbye.

It’s Cain who reaches out to her and offers her a brandy and a chat.

“[Harriet’s] quite surprised by his sensitivity,” actress Katherine Dow Blyton revealed to Inside Soap.

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And when he moves in for another kiss, she confessed: “Harriet goes for it!”

It’s not long before Cain is using their union to stash more stolen goods in the church though. Is he just using her to further his criminal gains?

Will she let him off again? Or will she realise she’s playing with fire and she needs to put an end to it before it goes too far?