Emmerdale SPOILER: Baby drama for Victoria and Adam

Is it happy news or not?

They’ve been trying for a baby for a while now, and Victoria and Adam Barton could be set to receive happy news when she thinks she’s pregnant.

She’s been feeling queasy and immediately assumes that this is a sure sign she’s pregnant.

They haven’t had much joy with baby making so far, despite trying for several months, so this is the news Vic’s been waiting for.

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Nervous about the whole thing, she turns to someone close to her for advice, but it’s not long before she ends up opening a whole can of worms when she blows their big secret wide open in the process.

Deciding to side-step the sorry mess and concentrate on herself, Victoria heads off to seek medical advice to find out for certain if she is with child.

But before she can get to him, Adam finds the pregnancy test in the bin, and he’s so happy he heads straight over to see his mum, Moria, and tell her the big news. But is he jumping the gun?

In fact, Adam hasn’t waited around to verify the news that he’s going to be a dad before he’s started shouting from the rooftops about it.

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Victoria on the other hand wants to wait until everything’s been confirmed properly by the doctor. She’s understandably nervous about it and wants Adam to keep quiet.

But that’s easier said than done, he’s desperate to tell the world about his impending fatherhood.

After everything the Barton clan have been through recently, losing Holly and then James so quickly in succession, some good news is just what they need.

But with Victoria being so cautious about it, we’re left wondering if all is as it seems.

Is she really pregnant? Is it actually the happy news they’ve been hoping for?

Or is something else going on? Is there more heartache in store for the couple?