Emmerdale SPOILER: Ashley’s health declines as the end draws closer

Laurel's distraught by her husband's latest battle

Tragedy is set to strike the Thomas family as Ashley takes a turn for the worse.

With his condition deteriorating rapidly, Laurel knows time with her husband is short, but when he starts coughing up blood, it looks like it’s set to be shorter than she’d hoped.

The week starts off happier for the clan as Ashley is returned to the care home after he went missing.

There’s even a rare moment of closeness for the married couple.

With him growing virtually inseparable from fellow patient, Maggie, Laurel has been left on the sidelines for sometime now, but she finally manages to share a precious moment with her other half.

Music is playing and together the couple get up and dance together. Totally lost in the moment, a flash of lucidity for Ashley allows them both to connect again and sway in each other’s arms.

It’s soon back to reality for Laurel though, despite the treasured memory, as back home young Arthur’s feeling under the weather. But not wanting to stress his mum out any further, he lies that’s he’s feeling okay.

She ends up agreeing to take him when she visits the care home, but Arthur’s not as recovered as he says and it’s not long before he’s throwing up everywhere in front of Ashley.

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As Laurel gets her lad home and settled on the sofa, she’s fearful he’s spread his germs to his dad and Ashley might be the next one to fall ill.

She’s trying to cope all alone after Doug offended her with an off-hand comment while Ashley was missing. But he’s desperate to make it up to his daughter and organises a family talent show to cheer her up.

As their relationship gets back on track and the family start to smile again, Bob heads over to the care home to visit Ashley.

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They’re having a great time, laughing, joking and dancing, but suddenly Ashley starts having a coughing fit.

He’s coughing up blood and is rushed to hospital.

Laurel dashes to be with her husband, but little Arthur’s devastated, thinking he’s made his dad sick.

As Laurel waits anxiously for news, is this the end of the line for Ashley? Will this illness cause his death?