Emmerdale spoiler: April blames Marlon for Carly’s exit

Seems he's got a lot of explaining to do to a certain little lady

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Oh poor Marlon Dingle. If there was one soap character who deserves a happy ever after, it really was Marlon.

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But, it looks like fate has other ideas as Carly Hope skips the village with her ex, Matt. Not that we can totally blame her, have you SEEN MATT?

Anyway, that’s not the point here.

The point is, as well as having to suffer the hurt and humiliation of a broken heart, Marlon is also BLAMED for Carly’s departure by April.

Marlon is confused when he wakes up in a nightdress in Lydia’s bedroom (rightly so) and worries what happened between them.

Later, in the cafe, April learns that Carly has left for good at fumes at Marlon, blaming him. Lydia mentions that a drunken Marlon headed to the house looking for Laurel the night before.

April and Vanessa both overhear the mention of Laurel and Marlon’s kiss and are raging.

But Marlon desperately tries to explain there was no kiss and that’s not why Carly went.

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Will he be able to make Vanessa and April believe he’s not responsible for Carly’s departure

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