Emmerdale SPOILER: Adam goes off the rails after baby heartbreak

It's not good news for the couple

Over the last few months Emmerdale’s Adam Barton and his wife, Victoria, have made every effort to have a baby.

So far they’ve had no joy, and when a visit to the doctors brings upsetting news, Adam loses it.

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Last night saw Adam mistakenly think Victoria was pregnant after he found Rebecca White’s positive pregnancy test in Vic’s bag.

Having just received absolute proof that she wasn’t carrying his baby, Victoria was devastated when he hugged her excitedly, thrilled he was going to be a dad.

A tearful Vic burst his bubble and ran off, telling her husband to leave her alone. And now, as Adam tries really hard to support her and be caring and considerate, it still leaves them with a big baby shaped hole in their lives.

Next week Victoria’s stepmum, Diane Sugden, will offer them money to go to a private fertility clinic and find out exactly what’s going on.

They’re apprehensive about having all the tests done, but want to get to the bottom of why they haven’t conceived yet, so decide to take her up on her kind offer.

However, when they go to the clinic, it’s not good news and a crushed Adam can’t cope with it.

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Instead of seeking comfort in his wife, he ends up hitting the bottle. Victoria knows this is going to put their relationship under pressure, but he isn’t in any mood to listen to her.

Diane tries her best to talk to her stepson-in-law, but he’s not interested in what she has to say either. Can anyone get through to him?

It turns out that unlikely person is Ronnie Hales. He comes across Adam in a foul mood and tries to get him to open up about what’s troubling him.

Adam refuses and lashes out, pushing Ronnie out of the way. But Ronnie soon retaliates and Adam ends up falling to the ground in floods of tears.

As a shocked Ronnie tries to help, will he be the one to comfort Adam when no one else can?

And what exactly did he and Victoria learn at the clinic that’s left him in this state?