Emmerdale SPOILER: Adam Barton cheating shock as he kisses Vanessa!

Heartbroken Adam finds solace in the arms of Vanessa

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Uh-oh, looks like things could be well and truly over for Adam and Victoria Barton if these pictures of Adam snogging Vanessa Woodfield are anything to go by.

Adam turns to Vanessa for comfort after he learns that he might not be able to have babies with his wife. The sad news sends Ads on a bit of a downward spiral which is how he ends up making a move on Vanessa.

Victoria returns Adam’s belongings to him after he apparently gives up on their relationship, a sign that she won’t sit around waiting for him.

Devastated Adam drowns his sorrows by drinking and playing computer games with Vanessa.

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There’s still an obvious spark between them after their previous one-night stand, and it’s not long before heartbroken Adam moves in for the kill!

But how far will things go between them this time? And will they be able to keep their rendezvous a secret from Victoria?

Adam learned this week that there is no sperm in his semen, after having some private fertility tests done. He discovered that he has an extra x chromosome, which means his testosterone levels are not how they should be.

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Adam Thomas, who plays Adam, recently told the Daily Star’s TV Life magazine that there are plenty of twists and turns in store for his character and Victoria.

He said: “All I will say is that it’s a bit of a shock and there’s a little twist and turn for them.

“Adam goes go on a drinking bender. He likes a drink now and then, especially when time are hard.”

He added: “He says things he doesn’t mean to say because his head is all over the place.

“There will be some cracks in his and Victoria’s relationship but hopefully they’ll stick together and get through it all.”