Emmerdale SPOILER: Aaron makes a decision about future with Robert

Will he stand by his man?

Aaron Dingle is devastated when husband Robert Sugden admits he slept with Rebecca White while Aaron was in prison.

As he’s faced with a huge decision about their future together, which way will he go?

With Ross Barton blackmailing him and the walls closing in, Robert finds he has no choice but to come clean to Aaron this week.

The fallout is naturally huge as the hot-headed Dingle tries to process the betrayal. But Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, has already revealed we’ll see “a more mature” response from his character than his usual lashing out.

But with Rebecca being pregnant, it complicates matters slightly.

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After much soul-searching, Aaron eventually reveals to Robert he wants to fight for their marriage and won’t let the mistake destroy what they have.

Has he really thought this through? With Rebecca now determined to keep the baby, it means she’d always be a part of the boys’ lives. Could Aaron really handle that?

He’s sure he can and makes the bold announcement to Robert next week that they will be part of the child’s life.

Aaron insists he will support his husband every step of the way and help him be a good father.

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The problem is, Robert’s insistent he wants nothing to do with the baby. Can Aaron change his mind and make him see he won’t feel like that when it’s living round the corner?

And is it all irrelevant anyway? Rebecca finds herself struck down by stomach pains later in the week. Is she going to lose the baby?

Will that be enough to make Robert see how unreasonable he’s being?

Could having something he never knew he wanted snatched away so suddenly, actually be the thing to make Robert care?