Emmerdale SPOILER: Aaron attacked in prison

It's not going to be an easy ride for Robron

Their wedding was full of drama and it’s not set to get any calmer for Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden as Aaron faces jail time.

The scrapyard owner is going to be sentenced to 12 months in prison for his assault on Kasim Sabet – and rumours are, Aaron will struggle in the slammer.

The show has promised actor Danny Miller isn’t leaving and that we’ll follow Aaron throughout his time inside.

There’s even set to be a special episode centred around a day in the life of Aaron.

Speaking to The Mirror, producer Iain McLeod said: “We’ve got a special episode that will be a day in the life of Aaron the convict.

“But it’s also a day in the life of his family and what it’s like for them.”

It doesn’t start well for Aaron when Robert visits him. The pair have to make sure they’re not seen touching in case anyone spots they’re in a relationship and gives Aaron a hard time about it.

Their closeness doesn’t go unnoticed though and Aaron finds himself on the receiving end of some nasty behaviour.

But it gets even worse when the top dog at the prison finds out he’s Gordon Livesy’s son.

Gordon went to prison for assaulting Aaron and when word spreads the two are related, Aaron finds himself cornered.

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As the situation gets more dangerous, it looks like things might turn violent.

Is Aaron safe in the slammer?

Chas has already visited her son and made a show of him by snapping at a fellow prisoner winding him up, and that’s made things worse.

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So if he can’t trust his mum to help him and he can’t confide in Robert, just who does Aaron have to turn to?

It’s going to be a long year if he becomes a target. Will he survive it?

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