Emmerdale SHOCK: Will Kerry have abortion after being caught by Dan at clinic?

Will she come clean about the baby?

Nothing stays secret for long in the soaps.

So, it is no surprise that when Kerry looks to terminate a ‘mistake’, that she is rumbled… and by the man she loves.

After Kerry had found out that her partner Dan had been getting amorous with Nicola a few weeks ago, she thought some payback was in order.

Her revenge on Dan came in the shape of village hunk Ross and after a night of passion, the seed had been sown on a devastating storyline for the Geordie Kerry.

She finds that she’s pregnant after her night of passion and thinks that getting an abortion is the only answer.

Of course, lies are often exposed and this time it is no different.

Telling Dan that she was heading for a wedding dress fitting, Kerry went to the clinic to go through with a termination.

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With the camper van not starting, Kerry thought it would be fine to ‘borrow’ a car from the garage where Dan (and Ross) works.

Not only that, in her hurry she then parks on double yellow lines, under the watchful eye of a parking attendant.

Meanwhile, back at the garage, Dan and Ross wonder where the car had gone before a phone call reveals the truth.

Confused as to why it was outside a clinic, the likely lads set off to recover the vehicle.

Of course, on arrival they find Kerry coming out of the clinic and Dan, unsurprisingly, wants to know what is going on.

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Is this the end of Kerry’s deception? Will she have to come clean on her secret? Has she actually had the termination or has she changed her mind?

Back at The Woolpack, Charity is announcing to the world that she is going to take off with Cain and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Pete accuses her of messing her kids around but that is not something that has really pricked her conscience before.

Will this be another devastating blow for Moira after Cain reveals that he is heading abroad?