Emmerdale: Robert to die after proposing to Aaron?

Cliff-top showdown with Lachlan could mean he’s toast

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Okay, so it’s no secret that someone in Emmerdale is going to cark it next week.

You’ve seen the trailer, you’ve read the goss. Now we have just over a week to discover which of our Emmerdale faves will finally meet their maker and which actor will no doubt end up resurfacing in Holby City or Casualty in six months!

With eight characters in the line of fire, the show’s fans have been scratching their noggins desperately trying to work out which of their favourites could be heading off to that big great soap in the sky.

And one of the popular choices is Robert Sugden. Really?

At the start of next week, viewers will see the slippery so-and-so planning to pop the question to boyfriend Aaron. Aww, sweet, right?

But, of course, as it’s Emmerdale, nothing goes according to plan and chaos swiftly ensues when vengeful Lachlan White sticks his beak in where it doesn’t belong.

Suspicious of Robert’s relationship with his aunt Rebecca, bitter Lachlan threatens Rob that he will tell everyone in the village that he was sexually abused by him in order to keep him away from his family.

However, an angry Aaron overhears this, gives the fella a wallop and shoves him in the boot of his car.

But as Jimmy Cricket used to say, there’s more. Oh yes, much more. Tension reaches fever pitch when Lachlan tries to make a break for it and ends up in a three-way fight with Aaron and Robert on the edge of a cliffside.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s probably going to happen next – we’ve seen these cliffhangers many times before. Eh, Barry from EastEnders?

Which leaves us asking – which of the frisky fellas is going to plunge to their deaths? Quick, let’s check up on which of the actors have signed up for a new contract!

Of course, this could all just be a red herring and those Emmerdale producers could just be teasing us with this action packed scuffle! Perhaps none of the boys end up a messy splat, while some other resident ends up a stiff! Who knows?

All we do know is, is that the breathtaking clifftop stunt was shot at Pinewood studios and, according to Danny Miller, the stars were wired up for safety, which would suggest that maybe one or more of the boys actually do topple over the edge.

“What was amazing was we were on the top of this drop above water with jagged edges and rocks and as you looked over it, it was really daunting”, Danny told What’s On TV. “We had wires on us tied to about 15 different things that didn’t move so we were safe.”

Who dies? Well, folks, you’re just going to have to watch Emmerdale all week! We can’t wait!