Emmerdale: Rhona’s life in danger as Pierce learns about kiss?

Paddy should be worried too

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If looks could kill, Pierce Harris would have delivered a fatal blow to soon-to-be-wife Rhona the other night.

The psycho groom had just overheard his fiancee’s heart-to-heart with her ex, Paddy, after he told her their wedding was off.

And while Rhona revealed how much she loved Pierce, all the unhinged lawyer really listened to was her confide her fears that the kiss she and Paddy shared some weeks back mean she’s not worthy of his love.

That drunken kiss with Paddy… This was NEWS TO PIERCE.

And, while he composed himself enough to tell Rhona later that he still wanted them to marry, the psychotic expression on his face was communicating something else.

How far will he go to get revenge on his cheating partner?

We already know that Pierce will subject his poor bride to a vicious rape on their wedding night.

Up until this latest attack, Pierce manages to do a good job of acting normal on the big day.

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With Rhona looking stunning and with little son Leo as best man, the couple make their vows and are pronounced husband and wife.

While the guests heads to the Woolpack for the reception, Pierce persuades Rhona to accompany him back home for a minute. She thinks he’s going to give her a gift or wants to spend some time together, but it turns out he has a shock announcement.

He tells her he’s bought them a house miles away from the village.

Rhona’s horrified and an argument soon breaks out during which Pierce pushes Rhona to the floor.

As he looms over her, he rapes her again in shockingly violent scenes.

After the attack a distraught Rhona lies on the floor unable to quite comprehend what has just happened to her.

But Pierce seems to think he knows what happened – and manipulates the situation telling his new wife she was asking for it.

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As he tells her they need to get back to their guests, Rhona is frozen to the spot and unsure what her next move should be.

And, while we are hoping that this attack will be the wake-up call we desperately want for the vet, no one is really convinced.

Pierce has, after all, managed to manipulate her mind after several attacks. He could do it again.

And if he does success in moving them to the Lake District, she will be more isolated and vulnerable than ever.

It’s not beyond the realms to fear her life is in danger at his hands.

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