Emmerdale reveals Nell Fairfax’s daughter Rosie has died

She discovered her daughter has passed away

Emmerdale aired devastating scenes for Nell Fairfax last night as she discovered her little girl, Rosie, had died.

Nell has previously admitted to boyfriend Jai Sharma that her baby daughter was taken away from her when she was at the height of her drug addiction.

Nell’s had a rough ride since she arrived in the Dales (Credit: ITV)

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Now she’s getting clean, has a job and is in a stable relationship with Jai, she’s been keen to get access back and had set up a meeting with social services to discuss moving forward.

But when Nell didn’t actually attend the meeting, Jai’s sister, Priya, started to get suspicious.

As she pressed Nell as to why she didn’t go, Priya was stunned when Nell eventually broke down and admitted she’d received terrible news.

The news destroyed Nell – but is it the truth? (Credit: ITV)

She confessed to Priya she’d been told Rosie had died and that she was still trying to process the news. But she insisted she wasn’t ready to tell Jai yet as she needed to deal with it on her own first.

However Jai walked in right at that moment and heard the horrible truth, rushing to comfort his girlfriend and promising to be there for her.

As she struggles to cope with her regret and self-hatred over losing her chance to be reunited with her child, can she get through this without turning back to drugs?

Fans seem divided over the revelation though, with some sympathetic and others not entirely convinced Nell is telling the truth. In fact, many don’t believe Rosie ever existed at all.

It wouldn’t be the first time Nell has manipulated Jai to get her own way. When he tried to end things between them, she cut herself to get him to stay with her.

But lying about a baby, that’s a whole new kind of low. Surely she wouldn’t be so cruel?

Other viewers don’t seem to think so, tweeting their hurt for Nell’s situation.

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Whatever the truth is, we know Nell isn’t set to be in the Dales for much longer.

It was announced last week that actress Scarlett Archer is set to depart the show.

But will it be because her lies have been discovered? Or is it so she can go off and grieve for Rosie alone?