Emmerdale PREGNANCY shock for one villager

This wasn't planned

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Emmerdale fans rejoiced when Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle were reunited last night – but are they set to be torn apart almost immediately by another shock revelation?

Rebecca White is pregnant. But the baby could be either Robert’s or Ross Barton’s. Awkward.

Robert and Rebecca had an ill-advised one-night stand after Robert was chucked out of the prison visiting room by Aaron.

Feeling sick with guilt after it happened, Robert begged Rebecca not to tell his husband. At the time she assured him she also didn’t feel all that great about it and wouldn’t be telling a soul.

But last night it seemed she might be going back on that promise and Robert was terrified she was going to spill the beans when Aaron was released.

It turns out she had more important things on her mind though. Victoria Barton certainly noticed something was up and gave her a pregnancy test.

It was positive and Rebecca confided the news in Vic, who made a joke about the speed of Ross’s swimmers – lovely!

Rebecca didn’t find it all that funny given that she knows Ross might not be the daddy. She has no idea whether Robert or Ross is the father.

So far, she hasn’t told Robert her baby news, but when he hears her talking to Ross and Victoria next week, he’s set to find out the truth.

And it looks like this is what Ross will start blackmailing Robert over.

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It’s not good news for Robert and Aaron’s marriage, either, is it? Will Robert be forced to give into Ross’s demands and pay up?

Or is he going to do the brave thing and ‘fess up to Aaron himself that Rebecca may be carrying his baby?

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Show boss Iain MacLeod has assured us that despite a few bumps in the road, Aaron and Robert WILL make it through. This is a certainly a ‘bump’!

But just who is the father of Rebecca’s baby? Would it be more interesting if it was Robert? We’d quite like to see him and Aaron as dads!