Emmerdale plans explosive Robron scenes

Is the truth about Rebecca's baby set to come out?

Emmerdale are planning a huge showdown between Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle next month.

The boys – known as Robron – are set to have a one hour episode which will see the future of their relationship hang in the balance.

Chances are, this will be the moment Aaron discovers Robert was unfaithful with Rebecca White.

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Fans were horrified when Robert had a drunken one-night stand with his former flame while Aaron was locked up for assault. Aaron had told Rob their marriage was over, but that’s no excuse for Robert getting together with someone else only hours later.

The boys have since reunited and Aaron has no idea Robert was unfaithful. But now Rebecca’s pregnant with his baby, and Ross Barton knows the truth too, it’s only a matter of time before the secret comes crashing out.

Speaking at a recent press day, show boss Iain MacLeod teased what’s to come for the fan favourite couple.

“We’ve got big Robert and Aaron stuff coming up at the beginning of May. There’s a state of the nation type, hour-long episode where their relationship is hanging in the balance.

“I hope it will answer some of the concerns the ardent Robron fans have about the direction that the story is taking. I hope it will satisfy their worries.

“I’m as anxious as everyone else to see Robert and Aaron have a happy ending, but my personal view on soap couples generally is that happy couples tend not to get much screen time.

“The couples who are best are the ones with in-built conflict and the ones who make mistakes, make up, break up, and hurt each other, but have passionate make-up sex.

“I’d much rather watch that than watch people go for a candlelit supper at the Grange – which we will do at some point, but if you do it in every episode, it becomes wearisome.”

But some Robron fans are just not happy with Iain’s choices regarding the couple – they want them to be happy end of story.

Addressing those comments, Iain added: “I know there are Robron fans out there currently carving an effigy of me from any bit of driftwood they might have found, but genuinely in two, three, five years time, will Robert and Aaron be together? Yes is the answer to that.

“There maybe some turbulence and passion, and hopefully grand, operatic level scenes everyone will love.”

That sounds like music to our ears – the boys will make it through the turbulence.

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And even better news is that Iain is planning a second Robron wedding.

The boys originally planned to get married earlier this year in a rushed ceremony before Aaron went to prison. But Faith Dingle managed to ruin everything when she was arrested halfway through for murdering her late husband.

Robron exchanged vows in a sweet private ceremony in the barn and consider themselves married, but with no one officiating it, they’re not wed in the eyes of the law.

“At some point there will be a second wedding,” Iain said. “We’ve not storylined it yet, but we deliberately didn’t make their first wedding official because only an idiot would rule out the possibility of there being two Robron weddings.”