Emmerdale planning LIVE episode to kill off soap villain this summer

Is death too good for them?

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Emmerdale viewers have been growing increasingly desperate for Emma Barton to get justice for murdering her fiance James.

Now rumours are swirling that the unhinged nurse will actually be killed off in a sensational live episode later this summer.

Is Emma’s time up? (Credit: ITV)

A source has apparently told The Sun: “Emmerdale loves an ambitious stunt and this is something they’ve been discussing for some time.

“Last year’s No Return week was a real triumph for the soap and got people talking about it again.

“The last time they tried a live episode was in 2012 and it was a headache to plan and pull off but they managed it.

“They want to go one further this time and hope they will pull in viewers from other soaps.”

James didn’t survive No Return week (Credit: ITV)

Fans of the soap will not have forgotten what took place that fateful week, when James managed to escape Emma’s clutches.

She’d been holding him captive Misery-style and – on realising he had broken free – went off in hot pursuit.

Emma killed off any hope of marrying James (Credit: ITV)

An almighty showdown took place on a bridge, culminating in Emma – wearing a bridal gown – pushing her fiance off.

This resulted in a terrifying pile-up of cars on the road below.

Ashley witnessed Emma on the bridge and she was terrified about what he might say.

In a subsequent episode she used his worsening dementia to confuse him about what he thought he remembered from that day, so she could protect her freedom.

Little did she realise that this incriminating conversation was recorded as the vicar was routinely making videos for his family for after his death.

Next week, his son Arthur watches the video in full with the volume up and sees Emma confusing his father.

Arthur knows what Emma did (Credit: ITV)

When he confronts her about ‘making people cry’, she tries to make up an excuse.

But is this discovery the beginning of her character’s unravelling?

Emmerdale’s last live show marked the soap’s 40th anniversary and resulted in the death of another killer, Carl King.

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