Emmerdale: Pierce plotting to move Rhona far from village and pals

Can Vanessa save the day?

Emmerdale is gearing up for Rhona and Pierce’s wedding this week – but will it go off without a hitch?

Viewers and Vanessa alike are certainly hoping not, but will the vet wake up and smell the manure in the nick of time?

She’s certainly developed a few reservations about her suave but controlling fiance over recent weeks.

But alarm bells really start ringing when she finds Pierce meeting up with an old university friend – and discovers he is planning to relocate them to the Lake District!

Meanwhile, Vanessa, who is still out in the proverbial cold, is suspicious when she spots Pierce’s friend pass him a note, which he promptly bins.

She discovers a phone number on it and decides to give it a call… hmmm, who could be on the receiving end?

Later this week, Rhona has her hen do in the Woolpack, but is made uneasy by some questions in a game of truth or dare.

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She storms outside before admitting to Nicola King that she isn’t sure about her upcoming wedding.

Nicola manages to put her at ease and Rhona is pleased when Pierce dumps his own stag-do to come to the pub.

Not long afterwards, Vanessa turns up with the stranger – presumably the owner of that mystery phone number.

Pierce is seriously unimpressed. You could say he’s pretty Pierce-d off…

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So, will the wedding go ahead? What will Rhona discover? And has Vanessa put herself in danger? Questions, QUESTIONS!