Emmerdale SPOILER: New couple alert, but are they bad news?

Can any good come of these two teaming up?

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Anyone who gets involved with Charity Dingle is generally taking their life in their own hands, but Frank Clayton doesn’t seem fazed by her reputation when they join forces to pull off a con.

It’s not long before business turns to pleasure for the pair, but is this really a good idea for either of them?

Charity has realised that her Chrissie White wig is just the thing she needs to pull off a jewellery theft and raise some much needed funds for grandaughter Sarah.

But there’s no denying Charity loves the thrill of the con as much as the rewards and it looks like she’s found a kindred spirit in Tracy and Vanessa’s supposedly reformed father.

Together they descend on an empty Home Farm and pose as Chrissie and Lawrence while inviting some diamond dealers over.

As they manage to steal some diamonds while no one’s looking, it seems as if they’ve pulled it off.

But their success lasts about five minutes before the jewellers realise they’re several stones missing and the criminal twosome are forced to leg it. Honestly, we thought Charity had more experience than to make such a sloppy error.

As they race off into the woods, hoping they can’t be connected to the crime, their excitement turns to passion and they end up kissing.

Er, what would Frank’s girlfriend Megan Macey have to say about that?

It might not matter too much because it’s not long before Charity and Frank get in a fight and she ends up storming off.

She clearly didn’t cover her tracks too well either because back at home later, she’s confronted by Chrissie who’s found out what Charity’s been up to.

As Chrissie launches herself at Ms Dingle, will Charity ‘fess up to her dodgy dealings?

With Chrissie threatening to call the cops, but Lawrence desperate to keep the peace, can she and Charity come to an arrangement?

Will Frank take the fall? Or does Charity have other plans for her new lover?