Emmerdale: Rapist Pierce lashes out at girlfriend Rhona again

Her dangerous boyfriend can't contain his anger when he sees Rhona with another man

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Following on from his rape of girlfriend Rhona, Emmerdale villain Pierce’s possessive streak is set to get worse when he finds out she’s going to see a strip show.

Wanting to put the past week’s troubles behind them and repair their fractured relationship following the shock attack, Rhona suggests a night in together to her handsome other half.

But things get a bit strained when he discovers she’s bought a ticket to the Woolpack hunk night the following evening and totally overreacts – talk about jealous!

Pierce makes an excuse that he’s been called into work and heads off, leaving Rhona worried about his behaviour.

But it doesn’t stop her going to the event and as she gets ready with the girls, Rhona’s pleased to be letting her hair down and having some fun.

It looks like Pierce is determined to ruin that fun though as he calls her mobile constantly trying to reach her – but Vanessa’s confiscated it so her mate can have a good time.

Not letting it go that easily, Pierce heads to the pub and lurks around outside.

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Inside, Rhona’s embarrassed when she’s called to the stage, but soon gets in the swing of things as everyone shouts her name.

Hearing all this, Pierce can’t help but go inside the pub and is fuming to see her dancing on stage and cavorting with the hunks, having the time of her life.

Not happy at all, Pierce quickly leaves feeling more jealous and insecure than ever. Will his temper get the better of him again?

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Viewers have recently called for Pierce to be jailed after he raped Rhona when she turned down his proposal.

Despite Rhona insisting she wasn’t in the mood, Pierce forced himself on her and she was later seen in just her bra, with a blanket wrapped around her for comfort, looking shocked and unsure what had just happened to her.

As Pierce’s dark behaviour goes on and Rhona continues to stay with him, is this latest incident at the Woolpack going to result in another attack at the hands of her lover?