Emmerdale: Moira finds out about Harriet and Cain, but how does she really feel about it?

She said she was okay with it, but is she?

Moira Dingle finally discovered her ex-husband Cain Dingle has been seeing vicar Harriet Finch.

And although she said she was fine with it, something tells us she’s not fine at all. Not by a long stretch…

Cain wanted answers from Ross (Credit: ITV)

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Cain had spent most of Thursday’s double bill holding Ross captive in order to get answers about Harriet’s attack.

Moira and Finn burst in to stop Cain doing anything stupid, but as Ross started to tell Moira all about Cain and Harriet, Cain kneed him in the privates to keep him quiet.

Moira wanted Cain to lay off Ross – but he wasn’t intending on listening to her (Credit: ITV)

Cain then hung Ross out of a window threatening him to tell him who stabbed Harriet or else.

Then Moira got a text from Laurel saying Harriet was going to be all right and Cain decided to let Ross go and head to the hospital with Moira to see her.

Moira questioned Cain about his feelings for Harriet (Credit: ITV)

By this point, Moira had put two and two together and worked out exactly what’s been going on.

“Is it true? You and her?” she asked. “Something’s going on and it’s not just a fling, is it?”

Cain told her it was really none of her business any more, which Moira agreed with, but she still wanted an answer.

Cain’s feelings for Harriet were clear (Credit: ITV)

When he went into sit with Harriet as she came round, actions spoke louder than words.

Emma also wasn’t impressed upon seeing Cain in Harriet’s room, but he wasn’t going anywhere as Harriet regained consciousness.

His tender actions spoke louder than words (Credit: ITV)

Harriet also wanted to know why he was there when she woke up, and Cain, clearly a man of few words, kissed her hand tenderly.

As Moira watched through the window, it was clear from the look on her face, she was not fine with this new relationship at all.

Moira’s face said it all – she’s so not okay with this (Credit: ITV)

Fans seem pretty divided over the end of Coira and the beginning of Charriet.

Some feel Moira brought this on herself by rejecting Cain when he tried to hard to win her back.

While others were devastated for Moira and are desperate for her and Cain to get back together.

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Speaking to, actress Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet, has revealed: “They aren’t portraying her [Moira] as a Harriet hater but instead she is really supportive and tells Cain that Harriet is a good woman and warns him not to mess her around.

“It’s nice to go with that and not go with the obvious ‘ex hating on her’ angle.”

But how long will Moira’s niceness last? Can she hide her heartbreak forever? And will this be what she needs to encourage her to fight for her marriage?