Emmerdale: Lisa Riley set to make a comeback as Mandy Dingle?

As if Paddy's private life isn't already complicated enough!

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The soaps are haemorrhaging great characters at the moment, so here’s some news to fill our hearts with hope.

Emmerdale legend Lisa Riley has revealed she is VERY open to the idea of returning to the show.

She told Lorraine: “I always say ‘never say never’. The show is on an absolute high – the writing at the moment is absolutely fantastic, really, really up there.

“As a viewer, I love to watch it.”

The actress last appeared in the Dales as Mandy Dingle in 2001, leaving with her tail between her legs after cheating on new hubby Paddy.

She has even come up with a potential comeback plot.

“When I left the show I always sort of fantasised because Paddy and Mandy had their last night together,” explains the 40 year old. “So whether or not there’s a baby Dingle somewhere, because we did consummate that evening as I left.”

Mandy’s ex Paddy is having a nightmare currently, as he struggles to adapt to being back in the village, with estranged wife loved up with hunky Pierce.

Perhaps the return of his true soulmate Mandy is just what’s needed to stir things up!

Lisa also opened up to Lorraine about her dramatic 10-stone weight loss.

She explained that picking up crisps and chocolate at service stations – and booze – were her downfall but she doesn’t even think about them now.