Emmerdale: Killer Emma makes tearful confession at James’s funeral

And then she attacks Moira!

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There were proper bottom-lip trembling moments in tonight’s Emmerdale as James’s funeral came to pass.

His obsessed lover – and killer – Emma took to the pulpit. Overcome with emotion, it was clear she wanted to get certain things off her chest and began to reveal what really happened to her ex-husband…

“I didn’t deserve him, he was too good for me, always was. I’m sorry,” she cried.

Well, there’s no denying that one. Good of her to admit that.

She then began reveal – albeit cryptically – that something had happened she feels bad about… something she regrets.

“You’ll never know how sorry I am, I was so scared of losing you. I love you so much and now you are gone forever – because I…” she faltered.

“It wasn’t meant to happen, I would do anything to take it all back…”

Then Ashley burst into the church and declared: “I want to say sorry. I’m sorry.”

Sorry? HE’S sorry? What has Emma done to him?!

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The vicar then burst into a rendition of All Things Bright And Beautiful.

Emma ran out sobbing. She later took the opportunity to stir things with Laurel, claiming that confused Ashley had been telling her things about the crash that weren’t possible.

She, for sure, ain’t sorry!

Ross admitted he thinks his dad’s death was his fault, because he broke his leg after they argued.

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He wept: “If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been on that bridge off his head on medication. He’d still be alive. He died think I hated him.”

Moira tried to reach out to her love rival at the wake, but Emma lashed out and struck her across the face.

She spat: “James has gone away too, forever, because of you!”

Deluded, much?