Emmerdale: Is Ross’s life in danger as bad boy Cain gets revenge over Harriet attack?

Don't mess with the Dingle

We knew he was in there somewhere – the Cain Dingle who makes sure he gets vengeance when someone he loves is hurt.

As his sort-of lover Harriet Finch lay fighting for her life after being stabbed, Cain decided to dish out his own form of justice to those involved.

Sadly for Ross Barton, he was Cain’s first port of call and now he faces an uncertain future as he’s locked in Cain’s car boot.

Harriet was fighting for her life after being stabbed (Credit: ITV)

Harriet got caught in the crossfire when drug dealers, looking for the stash Ross and his brother Finn Barton had stolen, thought she had their gear. She fought back, but ended up getting stabbed.

Finn ran to her aid as she fell unconscious and she was taken to hospital.

When Cain heard what had happened, he rushed to be by her side and found she was in an induced coma. He pretended to be her brother rather than her lover and sat vigil with her.

Cain kept a vigil by her side (Credit: ITV)

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Laurel and Moira soon turned up to see if she was okay, and were stunned to find Cain there. He explained himself away, but Laurel knew exactly why he was there.

Moira wasn’t quite sure why Cain was there – but Laurel knew (Credit: ITV)

Finn and Emma turned up later and a guilty Finn sat by Harriet’s bedside and made a confession to her, apologising for everything. But Cain overheard, dragged him out of the room and pinned him against a wall.

Cain wanted to know everything Finn knows – putting Ross in trouble (Credit: ITV)

He demanded answers, wanting to know what had happened and as Harriet’s condition took a turn for the worse, Cain realised that Ross was the one behind the whole thing.

As Cain watched while the doctors worked to save Harriet, the next we saw of him he had Ross’s phone – and Ross, knocked out and bundled up in the boot of his car!

Sure enough, an unconscious Ross was seen in the boot of Cain’s car later on (Credit: ITV)

Bad boy Cain is back. But what is he planning to do to Ross? Is he going to kill him? Or just use him to get to the dealers who actually did this to Harriet?

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Cain had a menacing look on his face, what’s he got planned for Ross? (Credit: ITV)

And we don’t even know if Harriet’s okay or not. Will she pull through? Or will Cain be given even more reason to take revenge on Ross if she dies?

Whatever happens next, fans are thrilled to see the return of the Cain we know and love.

But just how far is he prepared to go to get revenge for the woman he loves? And if she wakes up, will they be reunited?