Emmerdale: Is Moira Dingle pregnant?

But who's the daddy?

Fans have begun speculating that Moira Dingle is pregnant in Emmerdale.

If true, it would spark a huge ‘who’s the daddy’ plot as Moira has had a number of possible encounters in the last few months.

On Thursday night’s episode, Moira was trying to avoid thinking about it being late daughter Holly’s birthday and threw herself into working on the farm.

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But as she pushed herself too hard, the distraction tactics came at a price when she collapsed in the barn.

Her son, Adam Barton, found her face down in the hay and quickly got her back to the house.

As the two made up following a few weeks of fighting, Moira told Adam she’d passed out because she’d skipped lunch.

But viewers are not buying her explanation at all.

They reckon she’s pregnant!

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But if they’re right and Moira is up the duff, just who is the father?

Her most recent sexual encounter was with her nephew, Pete Barton. Could he have left her with a lasting reminder of their night together?

Or it is ex-husband Cain’s? He’s been secretly getting it on with vicar Harriet, but his feelings for Moira will never go away – have they been having illicit meetings that we don’t know about?

Could it be someone else entirely – someone we had no idea she’d slept with?

Is Moira really pregnant? We’ll just have to wait and find out.