Emmerdale: How did Debbie and Al get together?

Al has been cheating on Priya with Debbie

Emmerdale character Al has been dating Debbie Dingle whilst engaged to Priya Sharma. But how did Al and Debbie get together?

Last year Priya and Al began a relationship, much to the dismay of her brother Jai.

The two seemed to have a good relationship. However it soon became clear Al has been seeing someone else.

Al is engaged to Priya (Credit: ITV)

It was revealed on Christmas Day that Al’s mystery woman is Debbie Dingle.

Debbie has spent the last 16 months living in Scotland. So how did Al and Debbie meet and get together?

Emmerdale: How did Debbie and Al get together?

A few months ago, Al went to Scotland for a trip and his car broke down.

At the time Charity was desperately trying to track down Kirin Kotecha – Priya’s former stepson.

When Charity learnt Al had broke down in Scotland, she agreed to put him in contact with Debbie, as long as Priya helped Charity find Kirin.

emmerdale debbie dingle
It was revealed on Christmas Day that Al is also seeing Debbie (CreditL ITV)

Speaking about how Al and Debbie met, actress Charley Webb told Entertainment Daily and other media: “His car broke down from my understanding. And I think Priya sent him from Charity to talk to me, so she actually ended up setting it up in a round about way.

“But yeah they met in Scotland and she fixed his car for him and he pursues her, basically.”

Speaking about Debbie’s feelings for Al, Charley said: “I think they’ve been seeing each other for a quite while so I do think she has fallen for him quite a lot.

Al Chapman Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Will Al get caught out? (Credit: ITV)

“I think she’s always cautious when it comes to men, so she’s probably not fully, fully in there. But she definitely sees her life with him and Jack’s met him, so yeah I definitely think that she’s involved.

“It’s not just a little bit of fun, it’s a proper relationship and as far as she’s concerned they are together.”

Will Al get caught out?

In tonight’s episode (Tuesday, January 12) Debbie told Al she planned to stay in the village.

But with both Priya and Debbie living in the village will Al get caught out? Or will he be able to get away with cheating?

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